A little Update… :)‏

As a Sister Training Leader, just as the title implies, I have many opportunities to lead and train other missionaries. I am called to uplift and inspire. I have reflected on other leaders that I have seen and what skills they have to know how I can be a more effective leader. Before too long I realized that I should look towards the ultimate leader to know how I need to lead. I began studying at least a chapter a day from the Bible in the four gospels. This week I read Matt 20:34. I noticed the order of Christ’s feelings and actions. First, he had compassion on them. Then, he healed them and lastly, they followed him. As I pondered that, I realized that that is exactly how I will best influence other missionaries under my stewardship. First I must take time to know them and understand them. I must have compassion for them and recognize the things they are struggling with. Then I must “heal” them….or in my case, I must serve them. Then they will be open and ready for suggestions and will heed my counsel. I am working so hard to be a better leader and apply the Savior’s attributes in my life. I am so grateful that we have Him as a perfect example.

It has been a wonderful week and I am excited for the week to come. Our mission is focusing on miracles and purifying ourselves so that God can bless us with miracles. I am a huge advocate of that, so I am super excited! My making ourselves better, we are able to be an instrument in God’s hand and we are much more capable to do his work. It’s wonderful!

I love you all and appreciate your love and support! Continue to think of Christ and strive to be like him!


Sister Kim Eckman


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