SNOW! It’s amazing how the people here react to a couple inches of sno.\w. Basically everyone loses their minds! One Tuesday morning while we were studying it started to snow. We never worry too much because it usually melts as soon as it hits the ground, but not this time! It snowed and snowed and snowed! I wasn’t too worried and felt pretty confident driving in it because I’m from Idaho and have driven in a lot worse. However, there are a couple pretty big hills that we have to go up and down to get out of the neighborhood we live in. We were headed to Farragut for our monthly Missionary Leadership Meeting. All of the mission leaders from here all the way to NC come and we have a meeting that takes most of the day. We piled in the car along with the zone leaders and could not get up the hill! After many tries and lots of problem solving we finally resorted to clearing the road ourselves using our only available tool…a window scrapper. It was pretty exciting! After the meeting the roads were so icy and scary, most of the missionaries spent the night at the mission home, but since we live pretty close by, the mission president took us home in his Armada. I was just amazed at how much trouble a couple inches of snow caused! Sheesh! School was out almost all week and we weren’t even allowed to go out one of the days! It was great to have a little blast of winter though!


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