A Week of Miracles :)‏

We also had an unexpected experience that enabled us to remember how much God looks out for us. It was early evening and we were headed over to a man’s house to see if he was interested in meeting with us frequently to learn more. It was in a pretty rough part of town but we didn’t feel unsafe. We usually park a block or so down the street but for whatever reason, Sister Weirich decided to park on the street right by his house. We were on this weird one way multi-lane road. As we began to turn left……we collided with an SUV! We realized that the crash was a lot more then just a bump and the drivers side was pretty smashed. After we made sure everyone involved was alright we got out and began to exchange information and other necessary precedes.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here. The things I am learning ad the experiences I’m having are helping me become the person that I know God intends for me to be.

Have a great week!!



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