A Week of Miracles :)‏

We also had an unexpected experience that enabled us to remember how much God looks out for us. It was early evening and we were headed over to a man’s house to see if he was interested in meeting with us frequently to learn more. It was in a pretty rough part of town but we didn’t feel unsafe. We usually park a block or so down the street but for whatever reason, Sister Weirich decided to park on the street right by his house. We were on this weird one way multi-lane road. As we began to turn left……we collided with an SUV! We realized that the crash was a lot more then just a bump and the drivers side was pretty smashed. After we made sure everyone involved was alright we got out and began to exchange information and other necessary precedes.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here. The things I am learning ad the experiences I’m having are helping me become the person that I know God intends for me to be.

Have a great week!!



Hello from Knoxville, TN!‏

Speaking of happiness…in church yesterday a woman talk about just that. She shared a quote from Harold B. Lee that I loved. He said, “Happiness is not determined by what happens outside of you, but by what happens inside of you.” Wow! How true that is! I know that we can be in a terrible situation or trial in our lives, but we can still have peace and happiness if we are living the right way. When we are facing difficult things, sometimes the trust we have in God is the only thing that can bring us happiness. I know that it will come though. So I leave you with the challenge….what ever is currently happening in your life…make the choice to follow God and be happy! J

I hope y’all are enjoying this beautiful winter time! Have a wonderful day and know that I love and think about you often!

Take care!


Sister Kim Eckman

2014….a Year of Miracles!‏

Hello Family and Friends!

This week as the new year began, I realized how much I LOVE starting a new year! I love New Years even more then I love my birthday or any other holiday besides my birthday. I love having a vision of what the new year will hold and the person that I will be able to become. I love wondering what exciting things will happen and the adventures I’ll have. I am even more excited that for most of this year I will be able to focus all of my time and efforts on serving the Lord. What an incredible blessing!
Thank you for the love and support! I always say this but that because I mean it…I AM SO BLESSED!!!
Sister Kim Eckman