Good bye Brevard!

Here is a little news…! For the first time, I am being transferred! L I have grown to love the area of Brevard so much. It is hard for me to imagine leaving. I just have this feeling though that I’ll be back. I told everyone, “I’m not saying any goodbyes, just some see-ya-laters!” I have been so blessed to have been here for the last six months and to witness this area transform. Yesterday at church the stake president came and spoke. He talked of the transformation he has seen in the last few months. My heart was so full of warmth to have played a role in that. 

I have always told myself that I would never cut my hair and donate it….well…never say never! I totally did it! I cut off 12 inches and hopefully soon some adorable little girl will be sportin’ my locks!



Also, like I mentioned I am being transferred. I’m not sure where, although it will most likely be somewhere in Tennessee. Also…SURPRISE….I was called as a Sister Training Leader!

I have promised myself that I will never let a person pass me by without opening my mouth. As I have done so, the Lord continues to put prepared people in my path. So, open your mouths and shared the gospel! Others can feel of your powerful spirit and it leaves them wondering…what’s different? Share the precious gift that we have been given!



Thank you for your love and support. I am truly blessed!


Sister Kim Eckman



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