Another Great Week!

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“We had a pretty neat experience this week. As a way to find new investigators, we went through the “recycle binder” and wrote down a list of former investigators to visit. None of them still lived at the addresses we had but we were able to talk with a man. He wasn’t open to our message but when we left we asked if he knew of anyone in the neighborhood that maybe. He quickly pointed us in the direction of the neighbor across the street. He informed us that she had had a son pass away not to long ago. We knocked on her door and she eagerly invited us in. Immediately she was touched by the sweet spirit that we invited into her home and she told us of the loved ones that have passed away that she missed so dearly. We briefly taught the plan of salvation. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she thanked us for coming and eagerly set a return appointment. When we trust in the Lord and follow the things outlined in Preach My Gospel (like asking EVERYONE for referrals) we are truly an instrument in God’s hand. What a joy it is to be a part of it!”