Pickled Watermelon Rinds!

Quotes from Sister Eckman: “It is kind of interesting…around here the Baptist preachers pound into the heads of the members of their congregations that Mormons are of the devil and not to listen to us…Sandy definitely reflected that when we first met her and tried to share a message with her. But when we went over this week she told us something kinda funny. She has an old hound dog named Pluto. She said that whenever her pastor comes over he barks and barks but for whatever reason, when we come over he never does. The other day when he came over she told him, “Pluto never barks at my Mormon Missionary friends!” Then she told him how wonderful we are. It is great to see Baptists realizing that Mormons aren’t what they have been told they are J when we were there she opened up a can of her latest project…pickled water melon rinds! They are really hard to describe but surprisingly tasty! We also tried pickled green tomatoes. I swear, people here pickle everything!

The work is going forth! We are teaching mainly two families! They are coming to church each week. One of the families, the Cliffords, have a father who claims to be an atheist. This week was the second time we were able to teach them as a family and he said that IF he came to the knowledge that this is true, he will be baptized and he said the closing prayer. It’s amazing what happens to people when they are taught the FULLNESS of the gospel and realized that we have all of the pieces. It begins to make so much sense. How blessed we are to have that knowledge and how obligated we are to share it with those that don’t. I encourage you all to share the glad tidings of the gospel with all those you come in contact with.”


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