Life in Bervard!

Hiking a couple waterfalls.

Hiking a couple waterfalls.

Hey Y’all!
It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Brevard!…so far any way. It has rained everyday for the last 23 days and will probably rain at some point today. Let me tell you some highlights of the week!
There is a “summer camp” called the Brevard Music Summer here. Incredible musicians come and work with kids for 6 weeks. There is a group of musicians that are members of the church and have joined our branch for the last 6 weeks. The “rules” within the church here are a lot less strict then a typical ward….for musical numbers, it is almost like anything goes! haha One of the students played his trombone in sacrament meeting! But it was soooo beautiful and absolutely appropriate. It was one of the best musical numbers I have ever seen done. I never thought a trombone could sound so beautiful! He played an arrangement of “Abide with me tis even tide.” Pretty neat! One of the music students was actually in my ward my freshman year at BYU. It’s a small world!
A couple of days ago we went “finding” aka knocking on doors. We ended up going on this dirt road that seemed like it was a never ending road! We trudged up in and it was more of a hike then any hike I’ve done since I’ve been here! The sun was beating down on us and there was sweat pouring down my face, neck, and back! The road ended up winding right up to the top of a mountain. When we got to the top we saw some storm clouds rolling it and heard thunder that was so loud it made my insides shake! We started back down the road as it started to pour rain. It became so heavy that we could hardly see very far in front of us! We were in it for about 40 minutes! Man, I have never been so soaked in my entire life! Sister Van Wagoner looked and me and I looked and her and we burst out in laughter. There was mascara running down my face and all over my shirt. We looked awful! haha Unfortunately we have a dinner appointment and were unable to change until about 3 hours later…and we were still wet! It was quite and adventurous day!
In our “finding” this week we also came across a gay black guy who was HILARIOUS!! When he came to the door he was fiddling with his watch trying to fix the clasp with a pen cap. He told us that he had just moved here from New York and had worked at all kinds of department stores. So pictures it….here I am talking clothes with this guy and Sister Van Wagoner is staring at this guy trying to fix his watch. Finally she interrupted and said, “Can I fix that for you?” He handed it to her and said (imagine what his voice sounded like 🙂 “If you fix my watch, I will dance at your wedding!” haha Sure enough like 30 seconds later it was fixed! Our conversation was filled with hilarious lines from him. He also said, “Next time you are here, I’ll have to have my camera.” We asked him way and he responded, “So I can take a picture of you both and stick it on my ceiling!” Uh…haha! It was a pretty interesting conversation and provided us with some comic relief.
This week I also started reading the book by Tad R. Callister “The infinite Atonement.” It is an INCREDIBLE book and I would encourage y’all to read it. It emphasized that the single most important doctrine is the Atonement but it is also the least understood doctrine as well. Isn’t that interesting? I am only about 50 pages into it, but I have already learned so much. Tad R. Callister talks about how the human mind cannot fully comprehend the infinite Atonement, but “Perhaps by exhausting the knowable, we push and probe and occasionally even penetrate the infinite.” He went on to discuss how blessed we are in this day and age with an expansive gospel library at our finger tips. Never before in the history of man kind has in been easier to learn of the gospel. Our scriptures are on our mobile devices and Ipads and they can even be read to us! There are countless books we can read about any gospel topic we desire. He shared, ” The Lord must expect much more of us in gospel scholarship then he did of previous generations because we have so much more at our disposal.” How true! I would challenge you all to set aside a few more minutes each day to increase your gospel the knowledge. The more we know, the greater our understanding is. The greater our understanding is, the greater our desire to do right is.
Last week we hiked to a couple of the waterfalls here. Attached is a pictures. Take care! I love and miss you all!
Sister Eckman


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